Alain Thys


What is an experience architect?

Think of me like a regular architect.

Instead of working only on a building, I help you envision, build and operate the total experience. Orchestrate all the components to touch your customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders on a deeper, more personal level. Truly engage with them. Perhaps even transform them.

Like any architect, I work with contractors. Yours, or mine. I can bring along experience designers, neurologists, anthropologists, narrative designers, architects (real ones), environmentalists, theatre makers, online wizards and other specialists. Each of them are handpicked in function of your needs and all rank among the global best in their field. I call them my ‘Agents of Awe‘.

So far, this approach has worked well. Over the last 30 years my teams influenced the experience of more than half a billion customers and 350,000 employees world-wide. Generating hundreds of millions in value along the way.

We crafted or improved retail experiences that you can find in every major European city. Balanced human-digital service models to reduce call-centre dread. Figured out post-COVID office environments in the City. Recently, we even came up with a completely new way to do funerals. Oh yes, and then there was that global advocacy programme for Bordeaux wines. Tasty!

All to say, if you want to take your customer, employee or stakeholder experience to the next level, I’d look forward to a chat. Especially if you’re open to create some experiential mischief in your industry.



  • Adidas Group: assess customer-centric capabilities + initiate action plan
  • CIVB/Bordeaux wines: develop global customer advocacy strategy
  • Dela insurance: design a concept experience for the ‘funeral of tomorrow’
  • ING Insurance (Europe): introduce consistent customer experience design to drive #1 NPS position across all markets
  • McLaren Automotive: introduce emotion into a mostly rational sales approach
  • Mercedes CAC (global): align all parts of the business on a common vision for customer-centricity + implementation roadmap
  • Lexus Europe: Lexus Experience advisor – all areas (intermittently from 2006-2017)
  • NN International: develop a customer insight-led digital lead generation strategy and framework
  • Toyota Europe: Set up a pan-European VoC system + action programme. Help refine Toyota’s European brand position + Develop new employee experience
  • Reebok Group: Set up a European outlet network for Reebok, Rockport, Greg Norman. Streamline & upgrade full price retail presence across all formats (2000+ locations)



  • Bridgestone Europe: introduce minimum B2B(2C) customer experience standards for multiple segments
  • Philips (global): Introduce NPS to Sr. Leadership teams, develop a (digital) customer intimacy vision, transform marketing capabilities towards customer & technology
  • Vodafone (global): customer journey mapping (residential, SoHo and corporate), advocacy moment design, partner market support


  • Avery-Dennison (EAM): Improve key account management practices
  • Deloitte Accountancy Belgium: introduce a total client fitness programme
  • Etex Group (global): Set up a marketing academy introducing the concepts of customer journey mapping, insight generation, elevator pitching, …
  • Fortis Investments/ABN-AMRO/BNPP-IP (global): rebranding the business (twice) while maintaining investor relations
  • Gemalto (global): reshape customer management/sales approach from technical selling to story-selling
  • Grant Thornton (global): Set up a global client experience management framework, develop client journey activation programme, general advisory role
  • Management Centre Europe: reposition the business + transform major account management process
  • Strategia Analytics: Clarify the market proposition and story for this new SaaS startup in the human capital space
  • Teijin Aramid (Europe): introduce best practice customer management
  • WireCo Group (global): Co-create 3 year roadmap and action plan to customer-centricity (incl. business case)