Let's Work Together


Everything starts with a conversation

There are multiple ways in which we can cooperate. I can be your turnkey experience architect, your sparring partner, public speaker/producer or – in select cases – venture partner. Scroll and click to learn more. 

Or just reach out to discuss. That usually works best. 

Experience Architecting

Together with a team of world-class experts, we look beyond the boundaries of your business and industry, craft the experience your customers will want 5 years into the future. You can then use this to disrupt your industry, or inform more pragmatic short-term decisions.

Sparring partner

If you want to upgrade the customer, employee or shareholder experience of your business, I can be your partner-in-crime. Alone, or with a team of experience superstars, we’ll jointly figure out your smartest next move. Pointing out shortcuts and pitfalls along the way.

Public speaker/producer

If you want to influence or inspire your employees, shareholders or customers, we can co-create a bespoke or experience to make this happen. This can be a traditional or experiential keynote, a series of online videos/thought papers or even a fully immersive experience. Whatever it takes to move your audience further along your organisation’s journey.

Venture partner

If you’re a private investor, serial entrepreneur with funds, corporate venture company or VC, it might be worth to have an non-committing chat. I regularly invest in blue-sky research partnerships, which regularly generate opportunities to significantly impact or even redefine industries. 

I cannot implement them all myself. So if we connect over a joint-vision and there is personal chemistry, we could explore with a fair deal to co-venture for profit and for beautifying the world.


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