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Executive sparring

“If you play the right game, the (experience) scores will follow”.

Most leaders know that there is profit in (more) customer-centricity. But it’s not always easy to determine the best next move.

In this case it can be helpful to bounce around a few ideas with someone who’s been there too. Who has done your job, but has also helped others to implement some of the world’s largest and smallest customer initiatives. Who’s ready to roll up their sleeves to help you get ahead.

So if you have a specific customer challenge, or would like to have a broader conversation about the direction your business should take, get in touch for a (free) exploratory chat.

I’m not claiming to have all the answers, but if I don’t I’m pretty confident that I can help you find them. 

Next level experiences

“The last best experience you had anywhere, becomes your expectation everywhere”.

Today, any company with the right tools and a reasonable commitment, can deliver a good customer experience. 

But tomorrow, good won’t be enough. Only companies with meaningful, memorable, shareable and where possible transformative experiences will thrive. They will retain their customers, attract the right talent and secure continued funding. The rest will be commoditised or disrupted. 

So if you are a CEO, CMO or senior leader that is serious about being part of tomorrow’s experience elite, I can help you make this happen. As an architect. An artisan. A creator of IP. And where required, I’ll pull in some of the world’s best experts in all aspects of experience, behaviour and transformation design (aka. The ‘Agents of Awe’).

What do you say ? Shall we meet for (virtual) coffee?

Moments of inspiration

“make them yearn for the see

Sometimes your people need an outside perspective to emphasize the value of a customer and employee experience. Or to show them what great could look like.

If this is the case in your business, I’m happy to assist with:

  • Books of Inspiration which provide your people with an overview of the latest experience management developments that are relevant for your industry.
  • Concept Experiences which – similar to a concept car in automotive – describe the experience opportunities for your business in the coming 5-10 years;
  • Online Experience Formats that combine video, interactive Q&A and live assessments to review the latest practices in customer experience management;

When the COVID crisis has passed, the above can be complemented with in-person keynotes and workshops.

Interested in knowing, more feel free to get in touch or also check my ‘Speaking’ page.


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