Speaking / producing


Bespoke presentations & experiences that move

You want to inspire or influence your audience

You want to introduce new thoughts. Expand their way of thinking. Inspire with unexpected possibilities. Make people reconsider bad (corporate) habits. 

Somehow, you want to move your customer, employees or shareholders further along your organisation’s journey. Get them from point A to point B. Or at least to ‘not A’.

Together, we craft a unique way to make this happen

When things get real, off-the-shelf speeches don’t cut it. So we dive deep. Contrast your vision with your audience’s doubts. Consider the opportunities for the organisation, but also its barriers to success. Explore real issues, as well as imaginary fears.

From this, we co-create a presentation or experience that progresses the conversation with broader with your audience. That offers inspiring insights. Expands possibilities. Reframes challenges. Motivates.

The format is driven by your situation. It can be an:

  • online inspiration track, which takes your audience through a series of recorded videos, interactive tasks, interviews, thought papers and live Q&A sessions.
  • immersive experience, where we let your customers, employees or shareholders ‘feel’ the point you’re trying to make. Currently only online, but soon also (again) in real life
  • interactive keynote, where we work in a regular conference setting, but where I complement my keynote with pre/post interactive assessments, polls, content and videos 
Or any other method to inspire and influence. From traditional workshops to very non-traditional ARGs.


Keep scrolling for 2020 examples and possible topics of conversation.


What others say

2020 examples

Speaking Covid style

For now, public speaking is an online game. But 45 minutes of talking on a Zoom  just isn’t the same.

So during the first lockdown, I worked with narrative designers, immersive theatre makers and TV-editors on a series of affordable, yet impactful online formats. They range from short daily videos over interviews to long-form presentations.

You can check out examples below. But remember that in your case, it might be best to do ‘something completely different’. So if you want to explore, get in touch.

Or scroll to the bottom of this page for some conversation starters.


Watching long videos can be boring. So it’s better to split a story into short episodes that people can watch when they have time. The series Recalibrate the Customer Experience explores this idea.


This video illustrates that online interviews don’t need to restrict themselves to two heads talking side-by-side. After a live jam session, we summarised the key conclusions in an engaging video with chapter headings for rapid viewing.


This is a long-form presentation we created for the DEC Congress 2020, which with 1700 participants is one of the largest customer experience events in the world.

Interested in exploring this direction for your business? Then get in touch. Or keep scrolling for practical topics of conversation.


Conversation starters

The start of any conversation is your customer, employee or shareholders strategy

Working with me is quite different from working with a traditional speaker. While I have a library of stories and slides, I don’t think I’ve ever told the same story twice. 

So don’t expect me to pitch you a set of rehearsed stories. Instead, expect a conversation about your strategy, your challenges and especially the goals you have for your audience. The (mental) journey you’d like them to take.

But remember, a speech is not always a speech.

Depending on your needs, we can craft a traditional keynote presentation or workshop. If needed, enhanced with interactions, small experiences or unexpected assessments. 

But we make also conclude that it makes more sense to produce a series of videos + online Q&A, do a game show or create an immersive experience where actors challenge and delight your audience. If we bear in mind your goal of moving from A to B, anything is possible.

So shall we talk?

We’ll need to see what works for you, but past interventions have focused on:

  • Building a customer-driven organisation
  • Building a brand through differentiated experiences
  • Bringing your organisational purpose to life
  • Creating an employee experience that fires up your teams
  • Delivering against post-covid customer expectations
  • Driving sales through advocacy & storytelling
  • Moving towards a customer oriented culture
  • Customer-centric leadership
  • Challenging industry orthodoxies

Whether any of these, or something else is on your mind, I look forward to hearing from you.