Inspiring & motivating

I am told that my speaking engagements are inspiring, motivating and entertaining.  And I like doing them as well .

So if you’re looking for a speaker at your next (virtual) event,
feel free to get in touch.

Typically, I tailor my presentations to the needs of your audience and event, but I also have a few ‘semi-set’ presentations formats. 

Due to COVID-restrictions, I am currently only available for online engagements.


The Customer Fitness Code

Everyone wants to be loved by and profit from their customers. But only few businesses manage to consistently deliver experiences that differentiate them from the competition. Even less are capable of then turning the customer smiles they create into cash. 

In the ‘Customer Fitness Code’, I demonstrate that customer experience management isn’t as fluffy as many think. It’s a ‘hard’ business discipline that can be measured, managed, and monetised.

By blending practical examples, stories and hard data, I provide your teams with the insights they need to practically make customer-centricity a reality in their business.

Organisers and corporate clients that are ready to truly engage can also expand this online inspiration session with:

  • a live assessment of the company’s state of customer fitness
  • bespoke introductory videos linked to the company strategy
  • online ‘sparring sessions’ with practical tips & guidance 
  • individual coaching for those who want an experience-of-one

How to Be(come) a Customer-centric Leader?

Customer-centric leadership sounds nice in theory. But no one seems to be clear on what it really means. At best, this means that leaders need to improvise. At worst, they fail the business. 

In this online inspiration session, I challenge managers and executives to explore the true meaning of customer-centric leadership. Not in theory, but in practice. 

So expect clear suggestions on ‘inspiring teams’, ‘demonstrating personal commitment’ and ‘helping your people do what is right’ for the customer and the bottom line of the company. 

Optionally, the more traditional online presentation format, can be expanded with:

  • a live assessment of company’s customer-centric leadership behaviours, 
  • bespoke introductory videos that are linked to the company strategy
  • online ‘sparring sessions’ with practical leadership tips & guidance 
  • individual coaching for leaders who want to raise their game 

Thinking beyond COVID: Prepare your business for CX 2025

The COVID-tsunami has accelerated the technological, societal and environmental changes that were already in the cards. New industries will emerge. Others will disappear. Commercial relationships will be transformed. The nature of work itself may change. 

This forces many leaders into reactive mode. They need to adapt to new government regulations, altered supply chains and – often –  financial challenges. While they should be thinking about the future. After all, competitive pressures will accelerate as well. 

In Thinking Beyond COVID, I help leaders envisage a future that looks beyond the customer and business chaos of 2020 and 2021. 

Not by listing technology trends or shouting trendy buzzwords. But by re-centering the conversation on the customer expectations that remain unchanged by the COVID-crisis and recession. As well as the new ones that have emerged.

By tactically adapting to the new realities, but also remembering that some things stay the same, leaders can create a platform of stability that allows them to deal with their current challenges, but also plan their business and customer experience of 2025.

Beyond a digital keynote, this online inspiration session can be expanded with:

  • brainstorming sessions that encourage participants to think of their CX 2025  
  • bespoke introductory videos that are linked to the company strategy
  • online ‘sparring sessions’ with practical future CX tips & guidance 
  • individual coaching for customer leaders who want to better prepare their business