Experience Architecting

Experience architecting

You are ready to explore the edge of customer, employee & shareholder experience

You have recognised that too much efficiency makes a business fragile. It locks it into processes and business models. Blinds it to risk. Even afraid to act on opportunities.

Instead of just improving today, you also want to start shaping tomorrow. Move outside the comfort zone of your company and industry to discover the experiences your business should provide. Step away from mediocre. See what it would truly take to become the Uber, AirBnB or Apple of your industry. 

with my team, we can help you take the first steps

The automotive industry makes concept cars to inform their future design decisions. Together, we will craft a concept experience. Like a disruptive startup, we fast forward 5 years into the future and purely focus on what would resonate most with your customers, employees and shareholders. Even if it disregards industry habits and common sense. 

The end result can be a retail format, a showroom, an office, a virtual experience or something for which words don’t yet exist. It may radically depart from your current business model, or very much resemble what you do today. 

Either way, it can be a radically customer, employee or shareholder centric blueprint for pragmatic transformation. Or to make you conclude that the future we paint isn’t the direction for your business.

From there, it's up to you.

Unlike traditional advisors or consultants, our business model ensures that we have ‘skin in the game‘:

  • If you don’t like the end result, or think your business wouldn’t be able to handle it, we’ll part as friends and your only investment was some time and the up-front commitment fee;
  • If you do like it, we negotiate a fair transfer price for the know-how and help you bring it to life. Either by prototyping a ‘pure experience’. Or by helping you / your consultants interpret them as part of your transformation plan.

In either scenario, your team ends up with an expanded sense of possibility and perhaps some quick wins.


Shall we talk?

Concept experiences are by definition abstract. So let’s get specific and talk about the opportunities in your industry and business. Who knows where we end up.