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The ‘customer-Centric Venture’ Opportunity
In theory, customer-centricity is easy. Figure out what your customers really want. Organise yourself around this reality. Watch the money come in.
But reality is quite different, especially for larger organisations. Their legacy systems, culture and size lock them into a cycle of operational excellence, orthodoxy and corporate politics. They improve ‘what they have‘, rather than deliver ‘what should be’.

This blind spot leaves an opportunity for others to step in. New ventures which are willing to any industry rule or orthodoxy to be radically customer-centric.

I’ve got the method, you’ve got the cash … let’s make money

Corporate reality often caused me and my teams to work at half speed. But I did learn that by being radically customer-centric radically it’s not too hard to identify new venture opportunities in many industries. You just need to dare and reach for them.

So that’s what I do today. I look at industries and find out what customers would really want. For a fair deal, I share these insights and designs with interested corporate and investment partners and together we explore the best way to make them happen.

Shall we disrupt or augment some industries?

If you are a private investor, entrepreneur with funds, corporate venture partner or (regional) venture capital fund, I propose we have a virtual coffee. Who knows where we end up.

Note: principals only please.