let's create meaningful profit

In theory, meaningful profit is easy
  1. Start with a vision for a better future (aka. purpose)
  2. Connect this to what customers really want.
  3. Organise yourself around this reality.
  4. Watch the money come in. 
But we all know reality is different

Especially for larger organisations. Their legacy systems, culture and size lock them into a cycle of operational excellence, orthodoxy and corporate politics. They improve ‘what they have’ rather than deliver ‘what should be’.

This blind spot leaves an investment opportunity.

So instead of discarding double-digit ROI ideas that are ‘too uncomfortable for corporates to implement’, I dive into them. I work with my team to research them. Develop them. Get them ready for concept testing.  To produce profit and meaning.

For some examples, click to check out my projects page.

Shall we collab?

If you’re a:

  • private investor
  • (serial) entrepreneur with funds
  • corporate venture company
  • a venture capital fund

with an interest in industry-disrupting experiences, we could have an exploratory chat. 

If we connect over a joint-vision and there is personal chemistry, we come up with a fair deal to construct a venture/project that generates profit and beautifies the world.

Note: principals only please.