Executive Sparring


Knowledge is a contact sport

I never liked coaches and board members that only ask questions.

Sure, I know it’s best practice. But I’ve always preferred individuals who were ready to get hands-on. Sparring partners that showed me how it’s done. Helped me get it right. Even if that meant giving me some tough love.

My job is to help you succeed.

I don’t have all the answers. But in 30 years on some of the most challenging customer, employee and share/stakeholder programmes I have learned a few tricks. I’m happy to share them all and – if required – help you invent some new ones.

So if you call me, don’t expect a traditional coach or board advisor that only asks questions. I’m not your therapist. I’m a sparring partner that deep-dives into your world and helps you figure out your smartest next move. Even helps you implement it. And who proudly disappears when the job is done.

Who are you?

The approach I describe does not easily scale. I get very deeply invested in every sparring relationship. As a result, I can only work with a handful of clients a year.

In these relationships, I don’t care about titles, years of experience or company size. I’ve worked with CEOs and high-potential talent. With SMEs and global companies. In boardrooms and on shop floors.

What does matter is a willingness to jump in and jointly solve problems. A desire to achieve world-class results. The resilience to keep trying when the world is being unfair.

If you are that type of person or board, I’m convinced we’ll get along brilliantly. If we can make diaries sync, we could even create that magic I keep talking about.

How can I help?

Everyone’s situation is unique, so to be sure, we’d need to discuss. Still, others have found me to be of most assistance when:

    • Introducing or ‘leveling up’ a customer/employee experience strategy;
    • Ensuring your start-up focuses on the customer, rather than its technology;
    • Bringing the brand promise (& purpose) to life for customers and employees;
    • Creating a customer-centric culture;
    • Driving organisational change;
    • Crafting ‘next level’ customer experiences that are profitable, differentiating and meaningful;
    • Monetising the customer experience;
    • Identifying ways to disrupt your industry;
    • Discussing the above in an trusted, fully confidential setting.
I’m not an oracle so I don’t have all the answers. But I’m sure that together we can find them.

What’s next?

If you’re intrigued, get in touch for a non-committal virtual coffee. I always like meeting new people. So even if our stars don’t align, we can still have an interesting chat. Perhaps I’m even able to give you some pointers on the spot.

I look forward to hearing from you.