The guide on the side

You want a partner-in-crime for upgrading your experience

But you don’t want a traditional PowerPoint consultant. Or a coach that only asks questions. You want assistance that is ready to jump in and co-solve problems. 

  • With 30 years on the most challenging experience programmes, I can be the sparring partner who helps you or your leadership team figure out the smartest next move. Pointing out shortcuts and pitfalls along the way.
  • Or I can assemble a team of world-class experience experts. With backgrounds in anything from immersive theatre, over AI to neuroscience, there’s very few challenges they cannot handle.
Either way, we’re all happy to share what we know and co-create/implement solutions. Also, to proudly disappear when the job is done.
Shall we have a virtual coffee?

Everyone’s situation is unique, so the best first step is to have a chat. Generally, people call to:

  • Introduce, improve and monetise any aspect of customer-centricity;
  • Craft ‘next level’ customer, employee and shareholder experiences;
  • Drive organisational & behavioural change;
  • Bring to life a company’s purpose, values and brand promise;
  • Identify disruptive, experience-based venture opportunities;
  • Solve really wicked problems in any of the above.
To improve the performance of your current experience programmes, also check out Customerfit. It’s free, and may already give you a jumpstart.

I look forward to hearing from you!